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Our Goal is to present to history of the Humble and Lake Houston areas to residents, through the preservation of artifacts and stories.


Our Vision is for members of the museum, community members, business leaders, and educational leaders to come together to celebrate the history of the area. Through preservation and story-telling experiences, children and adults should be able to build upon the great heritage of our history.


Our Commitment to the community is:

  • to preserve the artifacts, documents, and pictures that are our cultural heritage

  • to research, and provide research opportunities, that investigate and evaluate all aspects of our history

  • to present our history in a visual and understandable format

  • to provide historical experiences to the community, through events, lectures, books and audio-visual tools

  • manage out tax-payer funded resources in a responsible and diligent manner

50 Years of Caring for the Community

Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center, a trusted health care provider of residents in Greater and West Houston, turned 50 in 2021.

Built in 1971 by Joe Johnson, the pioneer developer of the Memorial City area, Memorial City General Hospital opened with less than 100 beds and one medical office building. Today, the Memorial Hermann Memorial City campus has 3 hospital buildings, 4 medical office buildings, 5 garages and a retail clinic space.  The campus boasts 1,500 affiliated physicians representing 100 medical specialties, 1,800 employees, 444 licensed beds and nationally recognized, award-winning care.

Compassion care paired with skill, talent, and technology have helped Memorial Hermann Cancer Centers enhance the experience of cancer patients by offering outstanding support and education.

Neuroscience specialists affiliated with MNA bring quality care close to home. Find available neuroscience locations in greater Houston where you can find phone numbers, parking information, and more.

Memorial Hermann offers the largest network of emergency centers in Greater Houston. We’re ready to care for you and your family.

  • 24/7 Emergency Care
  • Walk-Ins Welcome
  • 19 Convenient Locations
  • On-Site X-Ray and Lab
  • Memorial Hermann Affiliated Emergency Medicine Physicians

We've Got You Covered

From 24/7 emergency rooms (ER) at Memorial Hermann hospitals and Memorial Hermann Convenient Care Centers to the Level One trauma center in the Texas Medical Center, Memorial Hermann offers the facilities and expertise to treat you and your family -- no matter what the emergency entails. Memorial Hermann ERs provide treatment of a wide array of illnesses and injuries that require immediate medical attention.

Townsen Memorial Hospital

Conveniently located in Humble, TX, just off of I-69 and FM 1960, Townsen Memorial Hospital offers high-quality, around the clock medical care to any patient that walks through our doors. Our high-quality facilities and equipment, operated by our skilled surgeons and physicians, allow us to provide safe, effective, and affordable care to all of our patients.



Ear, nose and throat problems can cause a variety of symptoms that can make it difficult to breathe, talk, and function normally. At Townsen Memorial Hospital and Emergency Room, our medical care team is experienced in diagnosing and treating both common and uncommon issues within the ear, nose and throat.

Some ENT disorders can simply be treated with medication, while others may require surgical intervention. However, no matter the cause, our medical care team is available for both emergent and non-emergent care in the Humble area.




ENT, or Otolaryngology, is a broad field of medicine that involves a patient’s ears, nose, and throat and the structures within each. It’s important for these structures to operate normally. When they do not, they can cause a lot of problems. Some common types of ENT issues include:

  • Tonsilitis and Tonsil Stones
  • Snoring due to enlarged glands or tonsils
  • Deviated Septum
  • Breathing Problems
  • Neck and Facial Masses
  • Chronic Ear Infections
  • Vocal Chord Issues/Hoarseness
  • Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak
  • Thyroid Disorders
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes
  • Dizziness
  • Nasal Polyps
  • Smell Loss
  • Excessive Eye Tearing
  • And more



Depending on a patient’s specific problem, treatment varies. Some patients may experience a severe nasal blockage causing them to have problems breathing. This situation requires immediate treatment to remove the blockage. On the other hand, a patient with an ear infection is simply prescribed medication.

Fortunately, the medical team at Townsen Memorial Hospital is experienced in making quick and effective ear, nose and throat diagnoses. This allows our patients to focus on recovery, and getting back to normal as soon as possible.



No one should have to live with pain in their bones, joints, or nerves. Here at Townsen Memorial Hospital and Emergency Room, our mission is to help our patients feel their best so that they are able to live their best. Orthopedics is the branch of medicine that deals with the musculoskeletal system. Our orthopedic physicians and surgeons are experienced at delivering comprehensive medical care and treating a variety of ailments such as arthritis and nerve damage.

If you are experiencing persistent pain in your bones, joints or nerves, have suffered an injury, or have a loss of mobility in your joints, you should schedule a consultation with one of our orthopedic physicians who are capable of delivering a quick and accurate diagnosis, affordable treatment, or can refer you to one of our on site physical therapists. 


Orthopedics is a major branch of medicine that covers a variety of musculoskeletal afflictions. As a result, Townsen Memorial Hospital and Emergency Room offers many types of orthopedic treatments to fit your particular needs. Conditions treated by our hospital include:

  • Arthritis
  • Achilles Tendinitis
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Joint Pain
  • Runner’s Knee
  • Osteoporosis
  • Bone Fractures
  • Frozen Shoulder 
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 
  • Recurring Muscle Cramps
  • Lyme disease 
  • Hand surgery
  • Physical therapy


If you are experiencing persistent problems in your bones, joints, or nerves, it is time to get help. Fortunately, at Townsen Memorial Hospital Emergency Room, we are well versed in orthopedics. Our innovative facilities and experienced staff mean that when you trust us with your emergency care, you’ll never get stuck in a waiting room.

Conveniently located in Humble, TX right off of I69 and FM 1960, we can help you get back on your feet and doing the things you love pain-free in no time. Visit townsenmemorialhospital.com/contact or call (281) 845-8916 for more information.



Urology, the field of study associated with the male and female urinary tract system, can be complicated to understand and an awkward visit for some patients. However, our urologists at Townsen Memorial Hospital are professionally trained and are aware that this type of visit may make some patients uncomfortable. Our urologists walk patients through every step of the process, to ensure a comfortable consultation.



At Townsen Memorial, our urologists are determined to resolve any and all medical problems related to the urinary tract in an effective pain-free way. Typically, men visit urologists more often, however, it is common for women to see them as well. During an examination, our urologists may do some of the following just to make sure everything is healthy:

        • Physical exam with concentration on kidneys and bladder
        • Ultrasound to examine the kidneys, bladder, and prostate
        • And more!


There are a variety of reasons to set up a consultation with one of our urologists, ranging from check up exams to physicals to determine the cause of related symptoms. At Townsen Memorial, our emergent and non-emergent urology services include:

      • Check up exam
      • UTI concerns
      • Concerns about infertility
      • Concerns regarding kidney disease
      • Renal transplantation
      • Erectile Dysfunction
      • And more!

All of the reasons listed above are common, so if you experience one or more of these, relax and asses the situation by noting the symptoms you have and the effects the symptoms have on you. Then, schedule an appointment. We will perform a physical examination which will determine whether or not your concern is necessary and if it is, what treatment will suit you best.

Workplace Injuries


Here at Townsen Memorial Hospital and Emergency Room, we put patient care first. Our recently renovated facilities are equipped with the latest medical technology, as well as experienced physicians and surgeons specializing in various fields of medicine, allowing you access to the highest level of medical care. Our Emergency Care services have the option for immediate hospital admission, ensuring that you receive instant medical attention at a high standard. 

From diagnosis to the end of your recovery, Townsen Memorial Hospital has got you covered. Our experienced medical staff prioritizes your health and wants you to focus on your recovery so that you can get back to doing the things you love as soon as possible. To help our patients focus on their recovery, we take most insurance plans and all types of worker’s compensation on the day of to ensure that you are not stressing out about money and are instead focusing on getting back up on your feet.

As previously stated, our hospital accepts all kinds of worker’s compensation plans. We strongly recommend that after sustaining an injury at work that you come in as soon as possible. By waiting too long or trying to “tough it out,” the injury can become more serious, resulting in more intense treatment and a longer recovery time. Additionally, employers may argue that your injury is not work related if you wait too long to get it checked out, risking your worker’s compensation for your injury.

Our hospital has the technology, the staff, and the experience to treat any kind of injury sustained at the workplace. The most common workplace injuries occur when operating heavy machinery or engaging in strenuous labor. Certain injuries that many people claim workman’s compensation for are:


Slips, trips, and falls

Machinery accidents

Workplace violence


Exposure to harmful chemicals


Vehicular accidents

Welcome to SE Texas ER & Hospital

SE Texas ER & Hospital is a specialty hospital and emergency room that utilizes the same cutting edge equipment and technology found in a modern hospital ER, including bedside ultrasound, digital radiology, CT scan, and a comprehensive clinical laboratory.

Who We Are

SE Texas ER & Hospital joined the Nutex Health (NASDAQ: NUTX) network and conceived a simple, yet visionary idea – to bring quick and compassionate, concierge-level emergency care to its community.

Our inclusive facility offers completely comprehensive medical care, treating both major and minor injuries. Whether you need imaging for a broken bone or testing for an infection, you can count on our team of expert staff and physicians to deliver the emergency care you deserve.

Pediatric Care

SE Texas ER & Hospital is here for your family when kissing a boo-boo or Grandma’s chicken soup just isn’t enough. When your little ones are sick, our ER is fully equipped to treat infants and children.

Our physicians are all board-certified in emergency care for all ages, with experience treating emergency pediatric patients. With on-site Imaging and Laboratory, SE Texas ER & Hospital is ready to treat your children in the comfort or our own concierge-level facility. With a special pediatric care exam room, decorated with lovable Peanuts characters, your children will feel comfortable from diagnosis to discharge. Available 24/7/365

Compassionate & Expert Surgical Care

Know that you are in safe hands when visiting SE Texas ER & Hospital for any emergency or scheduled surgical procedures. Our board-certified team, led by Dr. Rick Ngo, allows for exceptional, accurate, and quick care for all minimally invasive procedures. 

  • Small Cyst or Lipoma Excision
  • Wound Debridement
  • Abscess Incision and Drainage
  • Plus More Surgical Services Available

No matter your injury or ailment, SE Texas ER & Hospital is ready and equipped to quickly treat you and your loved ones. Our facility features drastically reduced wait times, highly individualized care and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring your health and happiness. For more information about our facility and the services we offer, check out the following links.

Occupational Medicine

At SE Texas ER & Hospital, we are dedicated to providing the best, most comprehensive care experience for our patients. An essential component in achieving these goals is to provide treatment that meets a patient’s needs and integrates as smoothly as possible into their lives, including their occupational lives. Our team developed and implemented a cutting edge occupational medicine program to satisfy these growing needs in our community with on-site physicians and specialists available 24/7.





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